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Kelley and Company
Kelley and Company - Visual Communications and Development - Potsdam NY / Charlotte NC
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Who We Are

Since the mid seventies, Kelley & Company has been designing corporate brands and developing marketing strategies for businesses in need of a push in the advertising world. Jack and Linda Kelley began their collaboration in 1973 while both were studying in Providence, Rhode Island: Jack at the Rhode Island School of Design and Linda at Providence College. Their first projects included ad layouts and floor plans for design trade shows.

Now over 40 years later, and with their son Devin at their side, the family has become the pioneers of design; expanding from a small town in northern New York to the ever expanding city of Charlotte NC. The team brings excellents to design through branding and marketing to every business they encounter. Their work implores a balance of draftsmanship and modern ideas in the marketplace.

The designers at Kelley & Company provide each client with a creative solution that uniquely serves their needs, distinguishing them amidst the global marketplace

Kelley and Company - Visual Communications and Development - Potsdam NY/Charlotte NC

Our Trusted Team

We’re more than an advertising company, we’re a highly creative, visual language workshop that understands people like no other. We work to understand what your customers or prospects are doing and thinking.

  • Applications & Development

    We have a deep understanding of customer behaviors, multichannel expertise and technical coding experience. With strategic thinking and fresh creativity, we can produce web aplications that your business needs to be ready for what's next

  • 3D Renderings & Animations

    We can provide photorealistic renderings and animations from a 3D or BIM model. A photorealistic image or virtual animation tour can give clients confidence in your design and a clear understanding of the vision you want to convey.

  • Videography & Photography

    CNS is a featured prodco facility on North Carolina Film Commission’s site {}. Providing top shelf cost-effective production for commercials, television and web series and films; both independent as well as theatrical

  • Creative Awards (coming soon)

    BadAss Work is a competition for creative professionals. We welcome corporate marketing and communication departments, advertising agencies, PR firms, graphic design shops, production companies, web and digital creators and freelancers.

  • Virtual Tours

    Invite customers in with indoor Street View of your business on Google Search and Google Maps. Build consumer trust in your business with a high–quality virtual tours that lets people experience your location before they arrive.

  • The Art & Model Agency

    We are your Art & Model Agency that offers “big talent”; We can take your business and ideas to the next level, giving your company the sharper edge needed to cut through the competition.


We consult, we design, and we develop, all in-house. We call ourselves a company and not an agency. Why you ask? We’re smaller, more efficient and more effective.

Effective, Clean, Clear, Fresh, Modern, Colourful and Contemporary - just a few words our clients have chosen to describe us. And it’s no accident. It's the result of a style developed over more than 40 years in the business of design. It’s about delivering great value to businesses that make a difference. Whether this be to their bottom line, or conveying messages of the company’s values and ethics. We’ve done it all, and we believe we do it well.

Let us know how we can help meet your business needs.

  • Our Insights

    Research | Brand Strategy | Digital Strategy | Measurement | Analytics

  • Our award-winning Creative Group

    Visual Design/Art Direction | Copywriting | Digital/Web Design | Front-/Back-End Development | Photography/Video Production

  • Our Connections Group

    Media Planning & Buying | Public Relations | Social Media Management | Content Creation & Delivery | SEO/Paid Search

  • Our Client Engagement

    Account Leadership | Strategic & Annual Planning | Brand Stewardship | Communications Strategy | Project Management | Budget/Asset Management

It All Starts with Our Passion.

We use ours to tell captivating visual stories that fuel extraordinary integrated campaigns.
Charlotte N.C. 704.523.9273 / Potsdam N.Y. 315.261.4111

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We cover every function needed to provide a continuous flow of ideas, engage audiences across all channels, drive brand experiences and create meaningful relationships between consumers and your business.

  • Charlotte N.C. 704.523.9273 / Potsdam N.Y. 315.261.4111
  • Potsdam NY & Charlotte NC

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Let us know how we can help meet your business needs. We look forward to hearing from you. Please call us or feel free to email us to set up your consultation.